Urban Pathways

The Urban Pathways project makes a direct contribution to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. ​

The project:
  • - develops national action plans and concrete local implementation concepts to boost low-carbon urban development in key emerging economies - India, Brazil, Kenya and Viet Nam
  • - makes an active contribution to achieve global climate change targets to a 1.5 Degree stabilisation pathway by unlocking the global emission reduction potential of urban energy, transport and resource sectors of 3.7Gt CO2 emissions by 2030 
  • - has established a facility in close cooperation with other organisations and networks active in this area to support national and local governments.
The plan include an assessment of:
  • political, technological, socio-economic and financial viability.
The local implementation concepts:
  • is being developed into bankable projects, focusing on the access to urban basic services to create a direct link between climate change mitigation and sustainable development goals.
This process is:
  • replicated regionally with policy development and implementation support and advice on stakeholder engagement and financing mechanisms . ​
More information on the project: https://www.urban-pathways.org
Last modified: Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 12:49 PM